So You Wanna Get Started with Essential Oils?

Great! Let's get to it!  Essential oils are a great way to manage your emotional & physical wellness.  

First things first, here's some info:

No monthly, minimum orders.  No selling required.  No additional purchases.

Here's what you get
25% off retail price with your wholesale membership
Support & training on how to use & love your oils
Free, exclusive sign on packet
Access to an exclusive Facebook group for support

Now, let's pick a Starter Kit

Get started with a kit of your choice!  Each kit offers an amazing selection of oils to start with.  You'll receive information on using & sharing essential oils as well as information on doTERRA as a company. 
These 4 kits offer some of the most popular doTERRA essential oils.  If you're interested in a larger kit or you're looking for a more economical option, please shoot me an email.  I'd love to talk with you about how you can affordably introduce essential oils into your wellness routine. You can find more info about all the starter kits offered by clicking here.

How to Join

  1. Click here to visit my doTERRA website.  Select Join doTERRA in the lower right hand corner.  
  2. Enter your country on the next page & select continue
  3. Fill out your information & choose whether you'd like to be a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate.  (See the differences below)  You should also see 4042730 as the referral information.  Click continue.
  4.  Select your starter kit.
  5. Choose any other products you'd like to add
  6. Review your order, enter your shipping & payment information. Select Process Order
  7. Email me at to let me know you've ordered!  I'll get your exclusive team freebies ready to ship & add you to the Feel the Inhale team group.  Plus we can schedule your one on one consultation to go over your wellness goals!
  8. Get ready to fall in love with oily goodness!

Let's get you going with the amazing power of Essential Oils!

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