Free Sticker Friday // Camping Time Stickers

The weather is cooling down, the leaves are turning...that means it is time for camping, s'mores, and bonfires.  I always associate cooler weather with camping because you can actually stand to be outside!  Its not 100 degrees, sweating your butt off....its just nice weather where you can enjoy your friends, family, fun times, and good food.  This week's free printable is camping themed and designed for the Silhouette software.


As always, each free printable on this blog is designed for personal use only.  Please to do not sell the end product or the design.  Do not claim these images as your own, do not disseminate the final product in mass quantities. If you would like to Pin or link to this freebie, please Pin or link to this blog post and not the file itself.  Thank you for playing nice!

xoxo, Moe

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