Fan Friday #80

Happy Friday y'all! Can I still say y'all if I'm up north?  I heard Zach say it once, it was funny!  This morning Zach didn't have to go into work until about 9 ish & after 3 long days of him being away I'm excited for the weekend....even though we need to work on the house.  I'd really like to just be able to spend a weekend together not working on the house but it needs to get done.....and I'm trying not to complain.

This morning we finally settled on a duvet cover (yay!) so we ordered it from Amazon.  It's listed as a full & not as a full/queen...so I'm hoping it fits the duvet.  I think it should.  Amazon is becoming my go to place for affordable things.  You can order nearly anything on Amazon & it's exciting to find the things you want for the look you want at an affordable price.  We were looking at duvet covers & fancy ones are usually upwards of $150 but this one was in the $60 range. I did also finde one at Pottery Barn that I liked but the print was too tiny.  I'm going to share with you next week the mood board for our bedroom since we also ordered sheets from Amazon too.

I've also found some new cool blogs filled with fashionable ladies!  I love clicking through sidebar links & finding a whole new world of cool bloggers!
Hannah of the Braided Bandit.  I want this outfit! So cute!

Elana from Room 334

Marilyn from Messages on a Napkin
All of these ladies have lovely fashion sense & a cool demeanor.  I mean look at that style! I've been peaking through a lot of their past posts & falling more in love with each of the blogs.  Makes me want to dress up more but working on the house in tights & fun boots isn't really the best.  I do think I'm going to convince Zach to take some outfit pictures today because I do want to wear something nice for a change!

Link Love
++ This is an old link, but this is something I miss most about school - the holiday tree in the Rotunda.  It's just so pretty.  I wouldn't trade where I went to school for anything.  I sure do love Longwood University ++

++ I'm loving this crochet & knitting site & I really want to get back to crocheting cool things.  Right now I'm working on blankets for the shop launch in January. ++

Happy Friday!

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  1. i loveee new bedroom sets. adn all of these girls are some of my faves and part of flock together with me :D

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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