Make it Monday // A Chance to Practice Your Handwritting

A year or two ago, on my other blog, I did a feature called Hooray for a Handmade Holiday.  This year, I'd like to do the same here on the Five Sixteenths Blog! For the next few Make it Mondays I'd love to share with you some handmade gift inspiration.  I'll tell you that gift giving is fun when you're creative & even more fun if you just like trying new things.  This year I've resolved to do an entire handmade holiday and with just over a month & a half, I should have started yesterday!

With my busy schedule, super simple yet thoughtful gifts are really great.  This HHH I've got a few DIY's in mind that are going to be great if you're in a pinch or just want some inspiration. 

This is a DIY I've seen floating around the internet & wanted to try it out.  I've used porcelain pens before & they worked pretty well, but trying it with Sharpies....that's a different story.  The best part about this DIY is the chance to practice your hand writing.  Who doesn't love a hand lettered gift?  I've always been partial to my own hand writing but if you don't like your own or want to skip the practice part, check out these lovely hand written fonts (some are free others you have to buy):
Click each for where to download!
If you use one of these fonts, here's how to transfer it: Make sure your mug is clean (you should do this before you start writing anyway) by using glass cleaner & a lint free cloth.  Print your text out & color on the back of the printer paper with a pencil.  Place the paper, pencil side down, onto the cup & trace over your text.  This will transfer your text onto the mug.  Then you can write over the transfer with your Sharpie.  You could also use a stencil, I know that Martha Stewart Crafts has a a load of awesome stencils in lovely fonts & designs.

Supplies: Mug, Sharpie, Glass Cleaner, Cloth, Oven

Directions: Clean your mug with the glass cleaner & cloth, make sure you leave no lint.  If you're going to do your transfer, do it now.  Write on your mug with your sharpie.  Put your mug in the oven on an oven safe glass dish.  Heat your oven to 350 degrees with the mug inside.  Once it reaches temperature, bake for 30 minutes.  Turn off your over & let it cool, do not take the mug out until the oven is cool.

Why you should use a glass dish: I couldn't find any definitive answer on if others just placed their mug on the wire rack or not but I thought that the glass & the ceramic of the mug would heat at the same rate.  I guess any other material would do it too, but I thought I'd stay on the safe side to avoid cracks.

Why you should heat the oven with the mug inside: You don't want to shock the mug by placing it in a hot oven when it's at room temperature.  This may cause cracks or it might even shatter.  You also want to cool the mug down inside the oven so that it doesn't crack when it hits the air in your home.  Again, for me this is just a precaution.  I didn't want my new little gift to shatter right after I made it!

This is the perfect gift for neighbors or your family.  If you've got a few coffee/tea lovers you can personalize it with a monogram, throw on a witty saying, or a cute drawing.  Children could also draw on it with different colors for a parent or grandparent gift.

So get to practicing your hand writing & get to gift giving!

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  1. Cute! I like the idea of transferring a font with pencil. Such a clever trick!

  2. cute idea! I always wondered if that worked!



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