Fan Fridays: Found on Pinterest - DIY Accessories

I've recently joined pinterest & I am so in love.  I have a board called "To Make" where I put all my DIY inspiration.  I only have a few pins...but when I stumbled up on these jewelry DIY's I knew I had to pin them.

Look at this awesome bracelet:

made from hex nuts from your local hardware store
check out the tutorial here on Honestly...WTF

And this really cool rope necklace:

this necklace uses thread & bungie cord to make an awesome tribal looking necklace.
tutorial here, also from Honestly...WTF

I love tribal trends.  They always get me in the mood for Summer.
I really want to try to make some of those hex nut bracelets!
I smell friendship gifts in the making! 

What are you loving this week?
Have a great weekend!
Expect picture updates after I go to the ball this Saturday!

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  1. Wow I love those two ideas! So much fun!

  2. popped here from ftlob and wow...love the bracelet!!!


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